Hello, my name is Keith Allison.

Every web site has an ‘about me’ page. I actually think it is an International Web Law. Well, I don’t want to break any laws so I am going to give to you, the educated reader, the story of… Me.

I’m just a guy who happens to be fascinated with type, graphics, code and moving images. It’s what I do and what I want to continue to do. I started drawing at an early age and it was something I loved to do. No artist is content to work in one medium – well, unless you’re one of those artists that makes velvet paintings of Elvis or Jesus…

For the last 27 years, I’ve dedicated my life in one way or another to the arts. My first job was as a freelance artist for a print shop when I was 15. I designed quite a few logos and brochures at that small printing house. From there, I got into the sign field. I worked at a small shop in Ferndale Michigan doing everything… hand cut vinyl signs and graphics (this was before computerized cutters were everywhere!), Letter Press printing (I said, this was OLD SCHOOL) and hand painting and lettering signs and vehicles. After the sign shop, I worked in the screen printing field for a number of years. I started in a t-shirt shop, working in the art / makeready department. I did a lot of hand cut rubylith.. screen prep & burning and screen washout. After shirts, I went onto screen printing 10’ x 30’ banners and such. Again, I got involved in mostly everything – from burning screens to printing and screen reclamation. An opportunity arose for me to move into the garment decoration business. I got a job in the art department of the world’s largest supplier of letters, numbers and graphics for heat applying onto garments of all types. That was 18 years ago, and I’m still there. My roles have changed a bit. Creative Services to Marketing to Multimedia / Web Marketing. I’m currently senior web designer and multimedia developer. I design and maintain numerous websites, implement shopping cart software such as OScommerce and Magento, install and theme WordPress, shoot and edit videos and everything in between.

I’ve been very fortunate over the years to have worked on some incredible projects and for some amazing entities. Through my day job, I’ve done work for 205 Flava, Fubu, Nike, Reebok, Nike iD, Nickleodeon, the NBA, MLB and NHL. In fact, for the NHL, I designed the on-ice number style for the Nashville Predators. In my side work, I’ve worked with John Heffron (Last Comic Standing) and Joel Zimmer (writer for Jay Leno) and a whole host of great small businesses and individuals alike! My work can be seen in Impressions Magazine as well as other textile industry publications as well as a Macromedia Flash book in the early 90’s.

Film / Video is another passion of mine. Since high school, I’ve been making short movies with friends. I’ve worked as director, editor and cinematographer on a few small documentaries… I have a few that I’m currently working on as well as a short movie with some rather unique zombies! A small selection of my videos are available on my youtube channel by clicking here. I’ve even been known to get in front of the camera as well. I can be seen in most of my short videos, as well as in Sadeer Farjo’s feature length movie, Grace. I play a cop named Mike.

Bottom line is that I take pride in the things I do and I continue to push myself to do bigger, better and often times, cooler things. At the end of the day, it’s all worth it because it’s something I continue to be passionate about.

Keith Allison