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New Site for Spotlight Dance Works

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New Site for
The previous version of the Spotlight Dance Works site was a nice design and served the purpose of delivering information to users. However, there was no analytical tracking, no historical data on usage. I created a new design for the site, set it up on WordPress so that changes could be made quickly by the studio owner, as well as hooking it up to Google Analytics so we would know which pages to focus our attention on. An image slider was added to each page so that potential students could get a glimpse of company and recreational groups and costumes. Changes to the slider are simple through an admin interface and can easily be changed out from one dance season to another. Check out the site at Website Overhaul

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Initially I was contacted by Tommy Ganz to create a Flash banner for his web site (American Landscape Maintenance Association). He had seen something similar on another site I did and asked if I could change it to meet his needs. I did so free of charge. It was a project that interested me and I knew I could do it in a few hours so I agreed. Tommy loved the banner so much that a few months later, he asked my to do a website overhaul on his current site and add a Vbulletin forum. I created multiple wireframes and comps and once a design was chosen, I created a WordPress theme (the iste was already running WordPress) and a matching vBulletin theme. Total implementation time for the website overhaul and forum installation was about a month with all the revamps and SEO setup. I also set Tommy up on Google Analytics so he could see which of his products and pages were bringing in the most attention. The ALMA site brought in over 2000 members before Tommy shut it down because of a conflict of interest with a new company he joined.

Killing zombie puppets video clip

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For the last few years, I’ve been planning a zombie puppet movie. It keeps changing… I want to do feature length… no, I want to do a short… I want to use explosives.. no, I want to use a guacamole gun… I just don’t know which way I want to take the idea. I did manage to do an explosive test on one of the zombie puppets. I can tell you that I will most likely be using a guacamole gun for the FX in the film – the explosion was extremely fast, loud and scary as hell to be filming. I know it might not come across as violent in the clip, but rest assured, that was definitely wicked! Check it out for yourself and don’t be afraid to leave a comment!

Bravo Dance Center Web Site

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The Bravo Dance Center web site was in need of a makeover. It suffered from poor navigation, lack of information and a theme to tie it all together. I redesigned the site and coded it in simple HTML so that it could be edited by anyone on staff. The blue background ties in with text and graphical touches to make a cohesive unit.

New Flash Banner for

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Recently, I was contacted by Tommy Ganz, owner of, the American Landscape Maintenance Association to see if I could create a flash banner based on one I did for another site awhile back. Although the two banners have some similarities, I had to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch. Not that I couldn’t repurpose the assets, every customer deserves to have something original. I would be doing a disservice to both clients if I just copied and pasted from one banner to another. Tommy wanted a truck pulling a trailer down a road, with his logo on the side of the trailer. I created a brand new trailer and digitized his truck image so that everything was vector. Vector files yield smaller file sizes than their bitmap counterparts. After digitizing his logo and adding it to the trailer, I designed a new backdrop and added some pine trees to make the image look like a country setting. I animated all of the layers using Adobe Flash CS3 and the finished product looks exactly as envisioned!