Bravo Dance Cener Nationals T-Shirt

T-shirt Design – Bravo Dance Center

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For the past few years, I’ve been doing the t-shirt design / printing of the recital and nationals shirts for Bravo Dance Center. This year, for the nationals, I decided to do something a little more trendy and funky. Going on the Ed Hardy / Affliction type of designs, I used several vector pieces and a lot of vector halftones to bring this piece together. The final design is three colors on a black t-shirt. Once the shirts are finished, I’ll update with some photos of them being worn.
I got my start in T-shirt printing many years ago when I worked at a rather large local shop. I was in the art / screen prep department and occasionally got out into the print area. I then moved on to screen printing banners and such and after many years, moved out of printing altogether. With the dance shirts, I’ve slowly regained my love for screenprinting. It’s an artform unto it’s own. It can be very challenging but very rewarding at the same time. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to print some of my own designs in the near future!

Nichole Le – choreography demo Reel

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I was commissioned to create a demo reel for Nichole Le, an L.A. based choreographer. Working closely with Nichole, video clips were brought into editing from multiple sources and set to a custom audio mix by Nichole. The intro features a parallax image that was created in 3DS Max. The main image and the background were separated and animated in varying amounts.