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Recently, I was contacted by Tommy Ganz, owner of, the American Landscape Maintenance Association to see if I could create a flash banner based on one I did for another site awhile back. Although the two banners have some similarities, I had to go back to the drawing board and start from scratch. Not that I couldn’t repurpose the assets, every customer deserves to have something original. I would be doing a disservice to both clients if I just copied and pasted from one banner to another. Tommy wanted a truck pulling a trailer down a road, with his logo on the side of the trailer. I created a brand new trailer and digitized his truck image so that everything was vector. Vector files yield smaller file sizes than their bitmap counterparts. After digitizing his logo and adding it to the trailer, I designed a new backdrop and added some pine trees to make the image look like a country setting. I animated all of the layers using Adobe Flash CS3 and the finished product looks exactly as envisioned!

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