Your logo is your identity. It should say who you are, what you do and more importantly, it should help you connect to your audience. A logo can make or break your entire brand. Logo design is more than just picking a font and typing it out and playing with color. A logo takes time, communication and more importantly, it takes someone who understands what it is that you want your brand to say – and is passionate about delivering it to you. Your logo design is the face of your company. When you hand out a business card, have someone go to your website or look at your banner, your logo is what they’re going to see first and foremost. You want them to GET that you are a professional – or that you’re witty, or that you’re completely serious. They shouldn’t have to guess. A logo shows depth and history or technological savvy or literary genius. Make no mistake, your logo design is your identity and that identity has immeasureable power. I have stepped into the shoes of many individuals and many corporations and FELT what it means to be them… understood what it is that makes them tick and have found a way to show that to the world. I would be proud to do that for you too. Contact me today to see how I can help you change your image through a new logo design. Want to see examples of my logo designs? Check out my portfolio.