A website is no longer a few pages with simple copy, a guestbook and whatever animated gifs’ you can find online.  Today’s web designs are extremely complex.  You have data being pushed and pulled from databases and from Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.  Photo shoots are replacing the 8 bit images of days of ole… People want to jam as much info into their website as humanly possible.  Well, how do you make sense of it all?  Once that’s figured out, how do you present that information to the end user – and make it look good and reflect positively on your company?  I have those answers.  Over 20 years of design experience, 14 years of creating web sites and a lifetime of common sense combine to give you the talent you require to make your web site the best it can be.  Where do you start?  For me, it’s listening.  If we have a solid comprehension of what it is that you want from your site, I can work to implement it and deliver a web design that you can be proud of.  What language should your site be built with?  ASP? PHP? XHTML? Should your site be built on a framework such as WordPress or Joomla so that it’s easily maintained by your employees?  Talk to me and let me help you decide.  You’ll be glad you did.  I’ve helped many people and businesses establish their place on the web – comedians, motivational speakers, diet pill companies, comedy writers, radio personalities and multi-million dollar companies.  Contact me today! To see examples of my web designs, check out my portfolio.