The printed word.  The perfectly composed photo.  The cohesive design elements.  Each of these things combine to deliver your message to the outside world.  No longer can you grab some clipart from that 275,000 piece clipart collection you bought for $14.99, slap on some copy and send it to the overnight printshop.  There is a world of print collateral out there to be explored.  You need an experienced navigator to help you cut through the clutter and deliver a stunning piece.  Every piece should be a stunning piece, from your business card to your tri-fold, to your postcards and your calendars.  I have been creating memorable print collateral for many, many years.  I look at each piece from an artistic perspective – but I also look at it from an engineering standpoint.  Each piece has to be designed to meet your budget as well as your objective.  I might have some really cool ideas that you might not have thought of – from a new material for businesss cards to a new type of finish for your postcards.  I’d love to talk to you about your project, if it is just for business cards or a postcard with 3D glasses.  Let me get your message out and make that message look amazing!
Contact me today to see how I can help. Check out my portfolio for examples of my print work.